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Iowa Anesthesia, L.C. (IALC) is a certified registered nurse anesthetist-based provider of anesthesia services. IALC serves hospitals and other surgical sites.  Iowa Anesthesia, L.C. is a provider-owned and operated anesthesia company and is a unique partnership between hospitals and anesthetists. The company is currently staffed with certified registered nurse anesthetists and nurse practitioners. IALC provides services to hospitals and pain clinics. The services provided are based on the need of the client and include:


  • Complete service staffing with 24-hour, on-call coverage for emergency surgery and obstetrics and scheduled surgery
  • Day surgery staffing
  • Temporary staffing (Locum tenens)
  • Department Management
  • Business Consulting
  • Continuing Education
  • Pain Care Clinics
  • Acute Pain Care Services

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