Mobile Services

Health Enterprises Mobile Services are designed to provide accessible, cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic services to Iowans and their neighbors in surrounding states. We work together with client hospitals to emphasize the quality and cost-effectiveness that mobile healthcare services provide.

Bone Densitometry

  • Health Enterprises Mobile Dexa uses high resolution imaging to identify and monitor bone mineral density.

The GE Lunar Prodigy Advance scanner features:

  • AP spine and dual femur capability
  • Forearm positioning
  • Total body scanning in five minutes or less
  • DVA: Dual Energy Vertebral Assessment or LVA: Lateral Vertebral Assessment
  • Ultra low dose pediatric software that includes total body, spine and femur
  • Composer Physician Reporting Software, including the FRAX
  • Complete DICOM package, with store, work list and printing capabilities
  • Total Body composition or BMI (Body Mass Index)

Digital Mammography

  • Utilizes a Hologic Selenia full-field digital mammography system. This system features the largest digital detector size in the industry, resulting in a 24 x 29 cm field of view. DirectRay Conversion detectors preserve the image sharpness by completely eliminating light diffusion and the High Transmission Cellular Grid significantly reduces radiation scatter of higher contrast images.
  • Hologic developed a Fully-Automated Self Adjusting Tilt (FAST) Paddle that automatically adjusts to the natural contour of the breast, adding compression of the tissue to produce the best images possible. The system is configured with Computer Aided Detection technology to assist in exam interpretation.
  • Health Enterprises Digital Mammography Imaging Services is accredited by the Iowa Department of Public Health.


Health Enterprises Mobile Ultrasound offers a full range of ultrasound imaging.

Features of the Philips iU22 include:

  • PureWave Crystal technology-with increased bandwidth and efficiency for broader patient range.
  • Soft Echo enhances low-level ultrasound signals from anatomy and pathology such as plaques, thrombi, clots and vegetation.
  • Dynamic Stress Echo allows a wider range of customization to meet patient requirements and Cardiologist preferences.
  • Transvaginal scanning applications are available along with abdominal, pelvic, cardiac and vascular imaging.
  • Tissue Harmonics on all transducers.
  • Digital acquisition and storage with Dicom applications.

Features of the IMEX 9100 HS include:

  • Ankle/Brachial Index Test - Bilaterally assess blood flow and pressures in the ankles and arms using a 5 or 8 MHz Doppler probe or PPG probes and pressure cuffs.
  • Segmental Pressure Test - Bilaterally assess blood flow and pressures of the superficial femoral artery, popliteal artery, dorsis pedis and posterior tibia arteries using a 5 or 8 MHz Doppler probe or PPG probes and pressure cuffs


Benefits to the patients, physicians and hospitals include:

  • Latest technology
  • Retain patients in local community
  • Decrease or eliminate travel for patients and families
  • Increase revenue for hospital
  • No capital outlay or risk for client hospitals
    • The systems utilize high homogenic, super conductive magnets, which enable superior image quality, rapid sequence acquisition and advanced imaging capabilities including multi-station MR Angiography. The quality and speed of our imaging systems result in increased patient and physician satisfaction. 

Stereotactic Breast Core Biopsy

Health Enterprises Stereotactic Breast Core Biopsy System offers:

  • Dedicated prone breast biopsy table
  • Hologic Eviva biopsy system
  • Customized software to assist with targeting
  • Mammographic images to document biopsy site

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