Mobile Services

Health Enterprises Mobile Services are designed to provide accessible, cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic services to Iowans and their neighbors in surrounding states. We work together with client hospitals to emphasize the quality and cost-effectiveness that mobile healthcare services provide.

Bone Densitometry

  • Health Enterprises Mobile Dexa uses high resolution imaging to identify and monitor bone mineral density.

The GE Lunar Prodigy Advance scanner features:

  • AP spine and dual femur capability
  • Forearm positioning
  • Total body scanning in five minutes or less
  • DVA: Dual Energy Vertebral Assessment or LVA: Lateral Vertebral Assessment
  • Ultra low dose pediatric software that includes total body, spine and femur
  • Composer Physician Reporting Software, including the FRAX
  • Complete DICOM package, with store, work list and printing capabilities
  • Total Body composition or BMI (Body Mass Index)


Health Enterprises Mobile Ultrasound offers a full range of ultrasound imaging.

Features of the Philips iU22 include:

  • PureWave Crystal technology-with increased bandwidth and efficiency for broader patient range.
  • Soft Echo enhances low-level ultrasound signals from anatomy and pathology such as plaques, thrombi, clots and vegetation.
  • Dynamic Stress Echo allows a wider range of customization to meet patient requirements and Cardiologist preferences.
  • Transvaginal scanning applications are available along with abdominal, pelvic, cardiac and vascular imaging.
  • Tissue Harmonics on all transducers.
  • Digital acquisition and storage with Dicom applications.

Features of the IMEX 9100 HS include:

  • Ankle/Brachial Index Test - Bilaterally assess blood flow and pressures in the ankles and arms using a 5 or 8 MHz Doppler probe or PPG probes and pressure cuffs.
  • Segmental Pressure Test - Bilaterally assess blood flow and pressures of the superficial femoral artery, popliteal artery, dorsis pedis and posterior tibia arteries using a 5 or 8 MHz Doppler probe or PPG probes and pressure cuffs


Benefits to the patients, physicians and hospitals include:

  • Latest technology
  • Retain patients in local community
  • Decrease or eliminate travel for patients and families
  • Increase revenue for hospital
  • No capital outlay or risk for client hospitals
    • The systems utilize high homogenic, super conductive magnets, which enable superior image quality, rapid sequence acquisition and advanced imaging capabilities including multi-station MR Angiography. The quality and speed of our imaging systems result in increased patient and physician satisfaction. 

Stereotactic Breast Core Biopsy

Health Enterprises Stereotactic Breast Core Biopsy System offers:

  • Dedicated prone breast biopsy table
  • Hologic Eviva biopsy system
  • Customized software to assist with targeting
  • Mammographic images to document biopsy site

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