Pharmacy Services

Health Enterprises Pharmacy Services (HEPS) was formed in 2012 to provide service offerings to hospital pharmacies primarily auditing and consultative support to covered entities’ 340B programs. Since then it has grown to include optimization of 340B programs, operational improvement analysis and our empowerRx continuous compliance program.

Our 340B auditing and consulting service was created based on the needs of Health Enterprises' own hospital members and owners and has rapidly grown into a nationwide presence. Our empowerRx auditing service offers complete and continuous compliance assurance for your 340B program. Our auditing and consulting services were created and are overseen by pharmacists and utilize a team of highly qualified analysts with extensive experience in all areas of the 340B program including within covered entities as 340B coordinators, contract pharmacies and 340B software providers. We have in-depth knowledge of multiple TPAs and EHRs allowing our team to assist you in ensuring compliance in every aspect of your program.

As regulatory control and oversight expands, don’t risk losing the savings that the 340B Program was intended to deliver to your entity and your underserved and uninsured patients.

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Referral Capture Service

Our referral capture service allows entities to gain savings on prescriptions from non-exclusive healthcare providers or specialists that were previously unrealized. Through our Referral Capture program we assist covered entities in maximizing savings while remaining compliant through capturing eligible transactions resulting from referrals that are not usually captured by the 340B third party software systems. Since many of these transactions are high-dollar specialty medications, the additional savings realized through capturing these referral prescriptions are usually quite significant.

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